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Format: 85x55 cm.
papier mat 250 gr.

This target includes a multitude of exercises:
It complements the ST-1B in order to increase the shooting difficulties.

Target designed by USH.

Contains a zeroing target of 25m/300m.
Can be used with rifle and pistol.

It offers a multitude of reduced silhouettes and 1 bust (multiple zones) that
allow you to simulate shooting at different distances without moving,

Target engagement distances and actual distance ratios are shown as a legend
on the target.

The I for infantry because there are silhouettes for simulated rifle fire at 25m
for an equivalent distance of 100,150,200 and 300m.

Can also be used for precision fire at 100 and 200m (file of equivalent distances
downloadable on the site).

Can take many shots.
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