To progress, shooting training does not stop at the range: You must train at home by respecting the 4 safety rules.

  1. Always consider a weapon as loaded
  2. Ne jamais pointer sur une cible que l’on ne veut pas détruire
  3. Garder le doigt hors de la détente tant que l’on à pas décidé de tirer  
  4. Be sure of your target and your environment

All training is done without real ammunition, only inert ammunition is used or a STICK.

As a safety measure and to avoid any accident, one will inspect well his weapon and its loaders before this type of exercise.

The aiming is to align his target with his sight and handlebars.

To take a good look and avoid all the faults, you can use the target to download at the bottom (target shot perfect target)

Put the target straight at the level of his eyes, move back 2 m.

Follow from bottom to top the black bar of the T with its handlebars and place it on the bottom of the horizontal red bar.

Then align the sight with the handlebars while using the red bar as a den.

The green rectangle will allow you to see if your spacing on each side of the handlebars is equal (like the following diagram).

This exercise, repeated several times, allows you to acquire good movement skills, just like dry firing.

For a good aim, the rear sight and the target are blurred, only the front sight will be clear, like the picture below.

To download : Perfect Target Target