Handgun shooting: Basic techniques + STICK 9mm

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Practicing shooting since the 80s, I had the idea to make these DVDs to finally have a visual instruction support in French.
These videos are aimed at both shooters eager to acquire the basics of shooting with handguns or assault rifles, as well as professionals wishing to improve or revise their skills.
All the techniques presented come from the philosophy of "modern" shooting born at the end of the 50s in the USA: Before their efficiency and their ease of implementation, they are above all focused on the respect of safety rules, essential basis responsible use of his weapon.



1: Security rules
2: Handling the weapon
3: Shooting position
4: Basic manipulations
5: Unsheathed by the weapon
6: Chronology of the shooting
7 : Reloading
8: Shooting incidents
Bonus: the shooter's equipment

DVD: about 35 minutes. French language

+ 1 STICK en 9mm

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